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 How to Use the Forum

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PostHow to Use the Forum

While the forum is pretty basic if you have used something like this in the past, it can be a little confusing for first time forum users. Here are some explanations of the most important aspects.

If you can't find an answer to your question here or under the FAQ tab please email Arts Obispo at

Starting a New Conversation
1) Go to one of the already established categories that your conversation will fall under (If there is no category that works please email us and explain what you were hoping to post)
2) Click the "New Topic" button on the left of your screen
3) Give your new conversation/question a title in the title bar
4) Enter the text you desire in the text or "Message Body" box
5) If you would like to preview what your post will look like, click the "preview" button below the text box
6) Once you are ready to post your new conversation click the "send" button
7) Always remember that you can change what you posted later by opening your post and clicking the "Edit" button on the right of your screen
8 ) I order for any changes you made to take effect you must click the "send" button when you are finished

Commenting on an Existing Conversation/Image
1) Go to the conversation/image you desire to comment on
2) Click the "Post Reply" button on the left of your screen
3) Follow steps 3-6 from "Starting a New Conversation"

Uploading an Image From Your Computer
1) Start a new post by clicking the "New Topic" button
2) Title your post as you would normally
3) Click the "Host an Image" button (it's to the right of the Bold and Italics buttons and has an image of a picture and a floppy disc on it)
4) Click the "Browse" button in the little window that pops up
5) Find the image that you want to upload and click the "Open" button
6) Click the "Host It" button
7) A new window will open that has 3 lines of text labeled "Thumbnail", "Image", and "Image url"
8 ) Highlight the line of text labeled "Image"
9) Copy the text into the "Message Body" box
10) Click the "Host an Image" button again to make the small window disappear
11) Add any text that you would like to appear with the image to the "Message Body" box
12) Click the "Send" button to upload

Adding a Link in Your Post
1) Open the page you want to link to in a separate tab
2) Copy the web address at the top of the page you want to link to
3) Go to the text box of your post
4) Paste the web address into the text box where you want the link to appear
5) The link will appear in your post with an underline so that people will recognize that it is a clickable link
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How to Use the Forum

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